Pokemon GO Zapdos COUNTDOWN

Hi all, sharing an update for all Pokemon GO Fans, a new Pokemon on the way. Pokemon GO is soon going to bring Legendry Pokemon Zapdos in Pokemon Go world.

According to the analysis, Zapdos will present a greater challenge than Moltres, but could still be defeated in a party size of just three, although obviously very difficult.

Zapdos will be harder to defeat than Moltres, so make sure you have a larger team this week when raiding.” explains Redditor, ADD_ikt.

How to win with minimal players:
I do believe that even four Level 30 trainers (or in the Low 30s) will be able to 4-man a Zapdos with a combination of (Golem, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Piloswine).

How to the trio (somewhat realistically):
Since I’ve tempered my expectations this time for low-trainer raids, it seems as though it will only be possible to trio a Zapdos with high-level 38+ mons. It will not be easy to trio even for hard-core trainers and be extremely challenging.

Best Counters:
Jynx will be the ultimate glass counter in this match up. Could be useful to throw first, but will require a strong dodging ability. Newcomers to the legendary raid party will be Piloswine. Assuming you don’t have 6 Golems, Piloswine will be a great addition for all the Northern folks who’ve amassed a bazillion of those Swinubs. You will want double ice move-set here.

It’s well worth checking out the Reddit thread to see how you’d fare, especially since ADD_ikt has also composed a Zapdos Spreadsheet that helps indicate what Pokemon should work best against the Legendary Bird.


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