iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle Discontinued

‘iPod Nano’ & ‘iPod Shuffle’ has been discontinued, the web pages for both has been taken down by apple. Now searching them will land you to Apple’s music page.

ipad nano

iPod Nano featured :

31 grams light    5.4 mm thin   2.5‑inch Multi‑Touch display    Bluetooth-enabled

FM radio     Nike+ support    Pedometer    16GB Storage    30 hours Playback

Price: $149

iPod Shuffle featured :

Voice over   2GB Storage   15 hours Playback    25 gm light    Compact 0.35 cu. inch  

Price: $49

iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle were the last surviving internet less device by Apple that has been secretly taken down from production/sale. So, guys, that’s all in this blog, comment if u had one of them & how do u feel about the discontinuation of these products.



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