Sony Xperia X Price In India

Sony has lost its smartphone market in India from the last few years. Sony didn’t catch up with the market and it didn’t launch many products in Indian market in smartphone sector. Still Sony focused on quality smart phones. Instead of cutting down the prices, Sony focused on quality of its phone, especially in camera section. There is no other company in the market which has better camera than Sony in their phones, even who has good camera they are using Sony camera sensor. After a long time, Sony has launched its new flagship phone that is Sony Xperia X. Lets check out the Sony Xperia X Price in India and other details.
Sony Xperia X has 5.0 inch screen with 441 ppi IPS LCD capacitive screen. This screen is 0.5 inch smaller than normal screen size which makes it more easy to hold. Sony Xperia X has the stylish metal body which gives premium look to this phone and it is very light in weight which makes it very easy to carry but very sensitive at the same time. It comes with 1080P full HD screen. It has screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels which is 2 times sharper than 720p phones, according to company. Sony Xperia X has got latest Marshmallow Android 6.0.
Sony Xperia X has 23 MP back camera with 13 MP front camera. Picture quality is clear and sharp plus it has good performance in dim light also. Camera opening speed has been improved a lot in this phone and when I took continuous shots with back camera, processing speed is very fast. Sony has refined Sony’s IMX230 camera sensor which makes it capture more professional photos. Even in less light, image stabilization features and supplementary  lighting features will ensure that you will get blur free images. Sony Xperia X has mirror-surfaced fingerprint scanner which is scratch resistant. It is more durable than standard 3H sensors with a hardness of 6H. Though it is thick, it accurately identifies up to 5 different fingerprints in just 0.15 seconds with an accuracy of 99.3%. No matter how you place the front of your finger on it, it will recognize the print and unlock your phone. You can also tap it once to capture photos or use it as a makeup mirror.
Sony Xperia X has six-core processor clocked at 2.2 GHz and packed with 3GB RAM. Sony is using Snapdragon 650 chipset which is best chipset available in the market. This makes it more power efficient and it enhances the computing capacity by 40%. There is space for memory card slot in which you can put memory card upto 256 GB which is more than enough for any phone.
Sony Xperia X has 2620 mAh removable battery with Type C connector through which you can connect to your charger in any direction. It also got Quick charge 2.0 feature which can charge your phone from 0 % to 60 % in just 30 minutes. Company is also claiming that you will of talk time of 3.5 hours with just 5 minutes of charging. It has got the 24 watt charger with 3A cable which provides Quick charge 2.0 feature in it. That’s all for Sony, I suggest you to go for this phone in this sale if you want to buy a phone under 45,000 Rupees. Its competitors are Samsung Galaxy 7, I phone 6,etc.
Sony Xperia X is the new flagship phone in the market. It comes in 3GB RAM. Check Sony Xperia X price in India


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