Shortcut Devil TROJAN : The Lodbak.1

The Snappy ever returning Shortcut Generating Trojan :

The Lodbak Trojan Virus !


Symptoms :

Whenever you insert your pendrive in PC/Lappy the shortcut of the Pendrive is created in the Pendrive itself (as seen in the image above). All the content goes to the place where the shortcut created points.


Consequences :

The thing is, it may look a simple thing, just location changed of content but consequences are far devastating. The creator of virus can easily access all your data remotely, even can control your system whenever u connect to Internet. So lets skip more details and move towards solution.

Solution :


The solution is so straight forward, but can be confusing and irritating if you go on testing each antivirus or Google and apply the thousands of possible solutions which may or may not work. So here is the solution which is sure shot or even a noob can use to eradicate or remove this malicious trojan.

STEP 1 : Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium (Don’t worry its only 17 Mb in size.)

Here is the link with premium serial keys :  Download Link

STEP 2 : Install and activate the account via the premium keys on the link i provided(internet should be off).

STEP 3 : Restart PC/Lappy, now turn on Lappy and update the Database.

STEP 4 : Now run the scan of the whole system(will take around 20-30 min).

STEP 5 : Once scan complete move all to quarantine, restart the lappy/pc.

Congratulations the TROJAN : Lodbak has been successfully removed !


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