How to get Unlimited Coins in Injustice Game (Android) ?


How to get Unlimited coins in Injustice Game(Android) ?

[ Root Needed ]



What you need ?

(1) Root Access needed.

(2) A game/app Patcher


What you will get by my method ?

Steps to do the hack !

(1) Open the Patcher (we are using Lucky Patcher, download link provided).

(2) You will see the app list being populated.

(3) Click and hold on Injustice App to open the patch menu & select “Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation”.

(4) Another menu will open, in which first two options will be auto-selected. Click on Apply Button.

(5) You will get the result saying 2 patches applied 28% luck etc.. Ignore it.

(6) Go to main screen of Lucky Patcher, open Toggle Menu & switch on “Google Billing Emulation”.

(7) Restart your phone.

(8) Now open the Injustice App, now when you will open store you will notice all packs will be of price $ 0.0 , Now purchase as many as packs coins etc as per your choice.

Enjoy the hack !

Do like the my post to encourage me & I promise that you will get the latest 100% tricks, new tech reviews and lots more from me in future. And yes none of my work need any survey etc to access information.

Download Links :

Lucky Patcher



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